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Machine-Leveled Supplementary Wasteboard for the Shapeoko

Your parts are only as accurate as the machine you make them on, and the table is an important part of the Shapeoko’s accuracy. A machine-leveled worksurface is essential for getting cuts of consistent depths, especially with thin materials. This is how I designed a supplementary wasteboard for my Shapeoko that I could affix work pieces to with absolute confidence. 3D Files*: Supplementary Wasteboard for the Shapeoko 3 XL Supplementary Wasteboard for the Shapeoko 3 (Stock) *Note: These files are … Continue reading

Precision Tuning your Shapeoko 3

The numerous degrees of freedom in the Shapeoko that allow you to build it as a kit, are also places where error can be introduced. In this video, I’ll go through the steps I took to restore as much precision as possible to my CNC machine. For those of you looking for the simple spindle squaring tool I made, see below. This is an Inkscape SVG so set your DPI to 90 (file should be approx 4 x 0.75″). If … Continue reading

The Droneship Coaster Chronicles

The following videos are the realization of a silly idea I had a few months back: What if you could land your beverage on a droneship in the style of SpaceX? Though I had no intention of beer delivery by drone, or installing flight control systems in a mug, I decided to bring the droneship part of my idea to life in the form of a wooden drink coaster. In a couple weeks I went from idea to prototype. And … Continue reading

Machining a Mounting Clip for my Subaru Grille w/ Fusion 360 & My Shapeoko

I wanted to mount an STI badge to the front of my Forester. I also wanted to make an introductory Fusion 360 video. This seemed like the perfect opportunity for a crossover so I combined the narratives to make this video, a start to finish overview of the CAD-CAM process in Fusion, and the minor iterating I did through the prototyping phase.

DIY Electric Branding Iron – CNC Project 82

When I found myself needing to brand dozens of items at a time, relying on propane to keep my original branding iron hot just wasn’t going to be effective or efficient. Keeping my iron at a consistent temperature was going to be near-impossible. So I set out to find a way to attach a custom branding iron head to an electric heating tool for pyrography.

San Francisco Skyline Burnt Wood Art – CNC Project 79

When life give you lemons, make art. That was the challenge I set for myself when I shattered a couple oak boards for my SpaceX Droneship Coaster Project. With a little improvisation, I assembled my oak slats into something loosely resembling a pallet and engraved on it a stylized skyline from the best coast. Check out my video for the full story.