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Headphone Repair: Finding and Fixing a Wire Break

When I went to my friend John’s apartment for New Years, I accidentally left my headphones at home. To help me pass time on the bus-ride back he gave me an old pair he had lying around, AKG K518LE’s with only one working side. With a retail price of between $40-70, I didn’t want to simply treat them like a disposable toy. The headphones are quite good in terms of noise-isolation, and assuming the drivers were still functioning I figured … Continue reading

LED (in a) Lightbulb: Useless Creation of the Month

Didn’t want to throw away the pile of burned out bulbs in my apartment, so I took to arts and crafts to re/down-cycle my trash. Illuminated with the help of my re-purposed computer power supply.

Hard Drive Teardown

Here’s something I think all beginning engineering students ought to do: take something apart that has a well established, optimized design and learn from it. And something more involved than a flashlight, like we did for our CAD class. You can’t really glean anything from a flashlight. A mechanical hard disk drive, on the other hand, is a relatively ubiquitous piece of low-tolerance engineering that I thought would be cool to dismantle. I had a dead one lying around and … Continue reading