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Cruise Timelapse: My Raw 4k Footage, pt. 1

I thought I would make available the timelapses I shot during my vacation in a purer form than my montage, i.e. at 4k and 1X playback. There are plenty of details you miss when you’re being bombarded by dozens of clips per minute, like smoke drifting over the Norwegian coast at sunset. And so that you can see how ugly everything is before I color-grade it. Not that my color-grading is very good because I don’t have the option to … Continue reading

LAN Party 2013 – Summer Edition feat. the PuppyCAM 1.0

I went to a LAN party last weekend, but instead of recording it myself I strapped a camera to a puppy and enjoyed the ensuing hilarity. I’m using a DIY dog harness and a Contour Roam camera. Later shots are with the D5100. Music by D.veloped (

Level 1 YouTube Milestone Reached, Next Up: 500k Views

My definition of a successful YouTuber: Other people’s time consumed > Personal time invested. Yesterday I just reached my first self-set YouTube milestone: a quarter of a million views. It’s a mark I’d hoped to reach by the end of grad school, but given how my schedule was thrown into complete disarray and I couldn’t get any new content out, I had to push back my timetables a bit. I then set my sights on hitting 250k by the end … Continue reading

Digital Warrior | A Battlefield 3 Editing Experiement

I published this awhile ago, but here’s another video game test-tage/montage I made just to goof around with unnecessary amounts of jump cuts and distortion. It features an unusual amount of variety in gameplay from helicopter obliteration in the desert and tundra, to classic rofflestomping in the familiar cliffs of Damavand Peak. I’m not 100% satisfied with the flow and the timing’s not 100% spot on but I hope you enjoy it.

The Bow Job | A Crysis 3 Montage

To this day, I still haven’t seen a decent Crysis 2 or 3 montage put out. I saw the bowjob concept a few months ago, during the beta phase, but I don’t completely agree with the editing choices of the person who put it together. So today I’m presenting my take on what a good Bow Job should look like. Ending is a little weak, but almost all of the footage I collected was from a single afternoon of relaxing. … Continue reading

My Little Scout Helicopter: The Power of Teamwork (A Battlefield 3 Montage)

No, that’s not actually the title. But I thought I’d toss this on my site for the sake of completeness and having a post for each of my videos. I edited this together over the past weekend while waiting for my flight, and waiting for dialogue parts from my group project members. #more_editing_practice