TrollingEmu’s Epic Aggressive Recon Adventure Fun-tage: A Battlefield 3 Montage

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So as life slowly gets back to normal, thought I’d post a gaming montage with footage from before break. This week’s montage is pretty much one long ode to why silky-smooth performance (with good graphics) and twitch-friendly controls make PCs the ultimate platform for any gaming enthusiast… unless you’re the kind of person satisfied with […]

New Gaming Montage: ‘From the Skies’

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Just a quick montage of teamplay and precision destruction before classes get super insane, and the first video where I’m giving my gaming channel priority. Enjoy. Music Used: “Forever Lost in Time” & “Touch the Sun” – Instrumental Core

CynicalScience: My New YouTube Channel & Direction

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Evening, Internet-folk. Just wanted to make some sort of official-ish announcement on what’s going on with my YouTube channel(s) and the thought process behind it. It should be no surprise to most of you that I’ve been running a fledgling YouTube channel that I dump a lot of my projects and video-game media into. I’m […]