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Can you make Bananas Brûlée with a Heat Gun?

… Or any brûlée, really. Here’s a question that no one but really bored engineers probably have: Can a heat gun be used as a tool for culinary creation? Specifically, confections. On paper, it seems plausible since the temperature at the operational end of a heat gun can be in excess of a thousand degrees Fahrenheit. And in fact, there are already one or two videos on Youtube of people attempting it and calling it a success. But it is … Continue reading

My Recreational Herb Garden Enhancement: Tin Foil Reflectors

I have a problem recreationally growing herbs in my apartment. The northern latitude of Ann Arbor means that what little sun I get during the day comes in at a fairly shallow angle. And as a result, all of my plants lean towards the window quite severely. And because the sun is so weak, and the temperatures near the windows relatively cold, my herbage tends to be very flaccid. If my plants lean too much, they can’t support their own … Continue reading

Food Reviews: ‘Good Eats’ Steak vs. Marinated Steak

I admit, I was caught off guard yesterday by the strong reaction to my query for steak-cooking advice from my friends. I thought only bacon and kittens could elicit such a response, but I got a lot of good feedback. There was however one point of contention, and my friend Steve was quite vehement about it: marinated steak was superior to the more “traditional” pan-seared steak that Alton Brown has an excellent recipe for. With some free time on my … Continue reading

Edible Epics: Oven Bacon

About a week ago, I developed a certain mental condition while sitting in my room doing homework. It was a craving. A craving for bacon. It seemed that my body was desperately short on cholesterol and that health condition manifested itself in a deep, persistent desire for bacon. I was at a bit of an impasse, however. My apartment had no appropriate stove-top cookware for the task, and I wasn’t about to go out and buy one of those microwave … Continue reading

Repurposing Five Guy’s Cajun Seasoning: Cajun Chicken

I’m dead tired from playing paintball today (Groupon deal for the win!) but I figured I’d squeeze out one more post before I go to bed, just to stay semi-regular with posts. I’m a few days away from Michigan, so this will probably be my last post for awhile as I get settled in. This week I decided to use up some extra Cajun seasoning left over from a recent Five Guy’s burger run. [Tip: Get fries, and ask for … Continue reading

Edible Epics: Braised Ox Tails

There are many instances where I eat/make things that would be considered unwise for a more metabolically sedate person, and I find this both amusing and delicious. I have decided to share with you (my random visitors) my culinary adventures so that you may be informed about unique, enjoyable edibles. Today’s post is Braised Ox Tails.