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Glass Etching: The Ultimate Geek Cup – Montage & Walkthrough

The epic conclusion to my beer-bottle-into-cup saga. Here I show how I did some simple etching to give some character to my drinking vessels.

Glass Etching Mini-Project: Next-Level Beer Bottle Cup

I’ve always been a proponent of “J.F.D.I.” and never letting lack of motivation stand in the way of anything. Some of you may know the current medical situation with my family, and it’s at times like these that I think it’s most important to not let life drag you down and away from doing and making. So today I humbly present to you my (finally) finished beer bottle cup, stylized with a symbol most geeks of my generation should recognize: … Continue reading

Bottle Scoring Jig: A Detailed Look

Here’s a short post explaining how my glass scoring jig was put together, including a bill of materials. It’s basically a frame to hold a bottle on rollers, one of which is a wheel-style glass cutter. It’s a huge improvement over my old “design” (read: piece of junk), and way better than the leading Instructables result for this kind of thing in my opinion. You need the rollers to smoothly turn a bottle, otherwise you may end up with skipping … Continue reading

Beer Bottle Cutting w/ Hot Water

A year or two ago I made a video where I demonstrated cutting a wine bottle with hot water. Apparently some people found it interesting as it currently has a hair over 80,000 views. Well I got bored this weekend and with some smaller diameter beer bottles (hard cider, really) lying around, I decided to try and cut those as well. I could actually use a bunch of small containers for things like jumpers, screws, etc… and you know. Cups. … Continue reading