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TCNJ – IARC 2011 Vehicle Build & Testing Montage w/ Competition Pics

For those of you sho haven’t seen it on Facebook, the title says it all. This blimp was TCNJ’s entry into the Drexel sponsored Indoor Aerial Robotics Competition 2011, held at Temple University. TCNJ’s team was the only one who went with a blimp-style UAV out of simplicity and the fact that the team consisted of one person. Neither of the two teams who opted to build their own quadrotors succeeded in creating a fully functional platform. My own thoughts: … Continue reading

IARC 2011 Debriefing

I will begin by saying that I’ve posted TCNJ subset of competition photos taken by Dr. Zheng of Rowan University. This should give you a decent feel for the competition settings and our my vehicle in its natural environment. Secondly, I’d like to say that Drexel/Dan Lofaro still hasn’t gotten around to posting results and media from the competition (admittedly, there’s significantly more footage to sort through this time around) so I’ll just jump the gun here. TCNJ came in … Continue reading

IARC Scores and Placement? Pending…

I am currently awaiting official scores for the 2011 IARC on the Drexel competition site. There was a potential scoring discrepancy that could affect TCNJ’s placement (for the better) so I’m going to withhold any celebration until things are finalized. In the mean time, I can happily report that of any team that opted to build their own vehicle, Emu was one of two that flew, and the only one of three to perform autonomously. Although I may not have … Continue reading

IARC Senior Project II Presentation

View more presentations from Winston Moy For those of you who care to have a glimpse at all the crazy obnoxious stuff I had to do, here’s my senior project presentation slides. Unfortunately, you won’t have my monotone voice reading the contents of each slide to you, bit some of the information will still diffuse into your brains, I’m sure. Enjoy!

Emu: First Look + Dissecting the Wireless Camera

I still have yet to permanently mount my Arduino and top off the helium cells, but I figure it’s about time to reveal my child (and to some extent Thiago’s) to the world. It still hasn’t flown untethered yet but hopefully it will soon. Without further ado, here is a somewhat flaccid Emu. All things considered, it does pretty well with only 2 limp balloons holding it. Fully inflated, the helium cells ought to bring Emu to an almost perfect … Continue reading

IARC 2011 – For the record…

After dropping into the practice session of the competition last Saturday, I discovered that just about every other team at the competition was using a quadrotor. Two of them were straight off the shelf Parrot-AR drones, which retail for $300. That level of technology does make my life miserable and tanks my chances of making a good showing for TCNJ, but I do realize that it’s completely fair. If I had $300 to blow, I’d do it too. Unfortunately… or … Continue reading