Camera Slider 3.0 Update – There Are Aluminum Shavings Everywhere T.T

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It’s time to move onto my next project (even though I’m still waiting for Instructables to fix an embedding bug, and Indy Mogul to review my submission to ‘Moguler Made’). This time I’m doing linear motion right by building a track with extreme torsional rigidity. It’s also a shorter track, just one yard long. The […]

Arduino + L298n Stepper Motor Controller v1.0 Revisit… Before I Dismantle It

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Here’s the TLDR: My old post on my L298N-based motor controller sucked. And I didn’t want to do a proper write-up, technical report style. So I made a video explaining it. Ulterior motive: I hate public speaking with a fiery passion, but if even my little brother can do reasonable commentaries on his YouTube videos […]