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CNC’d Adjustable Shoulder Stock for my Hex Nut Slingshot

Here’s a project I put together last week, a plywood butt stock for my half inch nut shooter. This is the first real mechanism I came up with that relies on the precision of digital fabrication to work, and I’m pretty happy with the way it turned out.

CNC’ed Pump Action Hex Nut Slingshot (v2.0)

Do you want to kill a snowman? After this past winter, I definitely did. And there’s no better way to do it than with a DIY device of destruction.

Quick Note: Pump Action Slingshot, Detail

Following up on a request from YouTube, a clean look at the trigger/stock profile. Unfortunately I don’t have the complete blueprints, as I sketched an overall profile and then used paper cutouts to fine-tune the dimensions of different components. The sketch in the lower left corner shows off the different components of the loader-trigger mechanism, although the final shape and size of each piece was tweaked by hand. ^Early fit check on a design with rather janky kinematics…

Pump-Action Hex Nut Slingshot [Field Test]

Yesterday I learned that slingshots are illegal in the wonderful state of New Jersey if you lack a lawful purpose. Luckily I have one: shooting old toys, CDs, and glass bottles. In this week’s video I actually talk (yea, that never happens…), and explain some of the updated features about my slingshot, like the raised sight and increased muzzle velocity. Destruction montage at the end. And in case you missed it, here’s my LAN Party Montage. I feel like WP … Continue reading

Building a Pump Action Slingshot [Construction Montage]

After a week and a half of disregarding proper tool usage, I have finally assembled the P-50 Pump-Action Hex Nut Slingshot Rifle… Version 1.01. Perhaps it was a wee bit ambitious for my very first Jörg Sprave-inspired build, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. I will be coming out with a video of more shooting with the slingshot next week, after my friends get a chance to shoot it and I put a heavier band set on the P-50. I’m not … Continue reading

Nut Shooter Update 6.2.13: Ready the Rubber

This is going to be an even shorter post than usual. I cut out strips of Theraband Gold today for my slingshot rifle. Jörg’s band calculator indicated that a 17 gram projectile should use 1″ wide rubber strips, but when I tried putting tension on the bands with my hands I was quite horrified at the strength of the rubber. A double thickness of these rubber bands stretched to 24″ takes something in excess of 15 lb I would estimate. … Continue reading