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Where the Lumia 1020 Running Windows Phone 8.1 Falls Short

There’s a lot to like about Microsoft/Nokia’s “normal-sized” photography-beast of a smartphone, but despite its best efforts the Windows Phone experience here isn’t all positive. Preemptive Update: After deliberating with a friend who uses a newer Windows Phone (Icon w/ 2.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon™ 800), I believe that some of my user experience issues are related to the phone’s inadequate hardware/software optimization. As such, I cannot recommend the Lumia 1020 unless you are specifically interested in the 41 MP camera. … Continue reading

What I like about the Lumia 1020 running Windows Phone 8.1

For the better part of a decade now, the smartphone industry has been a two horse race between Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. They hit harder and faster than anyone else could, and they don’t give up market share easily. Their deep pockets and lengthy head start have forced most new entrants in the smartphone wars to be content surviving as an experiment (although some don’t even make it that far *coughUbuntucough*). But every now and then, a company shows … Continue reading

Logitech G400 High Failure Rate, Design Flaw

Update: Logitech now has a policy where you need a receipt or invoice to receive warranty service, which means if you got your mouse as a gift, or from a brick and mortar store a long time ago you’re screwed. Because of this consumer-unfriendly outlook, my next mouse will be a Razer. I’m a big fan of Logitech’s Gaming Hardware, I own the Z-4’s (solid value in 2.1 audio), a G510, as well as a G930 headset. Every now and … Continue reading

Shapeoko 2 CNC Kit: Assembly Overview

In case you hadn’t noticed, I was kinda majorly geeking out over this Arduino-controlled machine last week. Over the holidays, the Shapeoko 2 CNC kit I had ordered from Inventables arrived. I spent most of my free time in the beginning of January putting together my first serious workshop toy/tool. I documented the entire process as well as I could (I was far too busy trying to make sense of all the metric hardware) and summarized the entire process in … Continue reading

1 Week In: Life with Fusion Drive and VirtualBox

TLDR: a) Does a DIY Fusion Drive work? b) How do you resize a .vdi VirtualBox Disk Image? c) What’s up with BootCamp conspiring against USB installs? I’ve finally settled back in to my digital home on my upgraded 2011 Macbook Pro, I threw in a pair of new drives to both speed things up and free up space… and to clean things up massively. I used to run with two discrete drives in 4 partitions: Disk0 – Samsung 830 … Continue reading

3D Printed Match Case, and Happy (Much Belated) 3D Printing Day!

Dec 3 (D3) was declared 3D Printing Day by GE, and in celebration they printed out a bunch of items people could “wish for” on Twitter. The goal was to get people interested in 3D printing and to show off what consumer-grade printers could do. GE partnered with Makerbot and 3DSystems for this event and churned out probably thousands of trinkets ranging from cute charms to iPhone speaker amplifiers. What I picked was an intricate matchcase based on a real … Continue reading