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First Hand Look at the Nomad 883 Pro Desktop CNC by Carbide3D

60 pounds of Prosumer-grade awesome, and Make Magazine award winner. The majority of people looking to get into digital fabrication tend to consider cost to be a very important factor. The first CNC machine most individuals buy will probably cost less than $2,000. And that’s okay, because there’s plenty of value to be had in the entry-level segment. But what if your budget is more flexible? Unfortunately, CNC shopping isn’t like car shopping. You don’t get to test drive a … Continue reading

Dear media, SpaceX’s landing attempt wasn’t a failure. It was one of the best possible outcomes.

We live in a sad age of skin deep media, where reporters sensationalize headlines and most people barely read more than the first 2 lines of an article. Given that, I’d like to clarify something I think every major news outlet has gotten wrong. When SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket exploded yesterday morning (PST), it wasn’t really a failure as everyone was so ready to report. Instead, it was an enormously important learning opportunity for the company and its engineers. Video … Continue reading

Shapeoko Workflow Improvements on the Road to Aluminum

I put together a quick (when is it not…) video about the mods I made to my setup in order to prepare it for cutting aluminum. The biggest (and most useful) change was adding a work surface that was machine-level, with X and Y-aligned guides. This makes swapping, and even flipping workpieces much simpler. Also on the agenda was a cheap DIY blast shield to keep aluminum chips from littering my living room. To see all the details, check out … Continue reading

Airframes and Weapon Structures are Awesome

Not that flying a jet isn’t cool enough, but look beyond the aerobatics and you’ll see some amazing engineering. Because I’m so far removed from the habit of blogging I’m resorting to a topical, and vaguely informative format of sharing information that’s one step below what you’d consider an article, and one step above a tweet. Aka: Gizmodo-style. The 35th Fighter Squadron in Alaska recently strapped a bunch of GoPros to their jets and showed off some fantastic footage from … Continue reading

CNC Pumpkin Carving w/ Shapeoko and Easel

Pumpkin carving for people who can’t carve good and want to do other stuff good too.

Using Inkscape and MakerCAM to Generate GCode

It only took 3 weeks, but I now have both a functional Desktop CNC machine and a viable workflow for 2.5-D milling. This video summarizes my journey from a simple SVG made in Inkscape to a milled test piece in cardboard that I will proudly hang in my office.