San Francisco Skyline Burnt Wood Art – CNC Project 79

When life give you lemons, make art. That was the challenge I set for myself when I shattered a couple oak boards for my SpaceX Droneship Coaster Project. With a little improvisation, I assembled my oak slats into something loosely resembling a pallet and engraved on it a stylized skyline from the best coast. Check out my video for the full story.

DIY 5-in-1 Brass Branding Iron

Making a personalized branding iron using Fusion 360 and my Carbide3D CNC machines. I scoured the internet to learn how to make myself a branding iron that didn’t require welding (to attach to a handle), but I wasn’t happy with what I found. Although I applaud the makers who took the initiative and carved their own branding irons with Dremels, I thought we could do better, we have the technology. So here’s my process for turning a block of brass … Continue reading

#California2018: My Maker Manifesto

It’s taken me 27 years to really understand what really excited me in this world (STEAM & the Maker Movement). Now I have a plan to make it my life. When I first parted ways with academia back in 2013, I was a fledgling engineer with no ambitions beyond achieving a sustainable income and comfortable routine. If I could slog through work and enjoy my evenings/weekends, I would’ve been content. But a strange thing happened going into 2014. After several … Continue reading

‘Home’ Mementos: A Nomad CNC Project

Now that Christmas 2016 is behind us, I can reveal all of the things I’ve been making for people. Previously, I’d shared some signs and plaques that I’d made. Today I’m able to show off two more projects that have made their way to their recipients: a San Diego Home-Love plaque in a similar style to what I’ve made before, and a Georgia/Atlanta ornament. Both were primarily fabricated with my Nomad 883 Pro. Hope you enjoy the project, and I’ll … Continue reading

DIY Spinning Christmas Ornaments

With a little planning and some basic hardware, some sheets of 3mm acrylic can be turned into spinning ornaments that can be infinitely customized to express yourself. Project made possible courtesy of @apolloness.

CNC Spindle Comparison: Makita RT0701C vs. Dewalt DWP611

Most DIY CNC kits utilize off the shelf solutions as spindle motors. These are certainly compromises compared to what you might find on a professional grade CNC, but they generally do a passable job. On the Shapeoko 3, your two supported options are the Makita RT0701C and Dewalt DWP611 compact routers. These are both very similar products on paper, but from the perspective of a CNC user there are some subtle differences between the two. Check the video for the … Continue reading