First Hand Look at the Nomad 883 Pro Desktop CNC by Carbide3D

60 pounds of Prosumer-grade awesome, and Make Magazine award winner. The majority of people looking to get into digital fabrication tend to consider cost to be a very important factor. The first CNC machine most individuals buy will probably cost less than $2,000. And that’s okay, because there’s plenty of value to be had in the entry-level segment. But what if your budget is more flexible? Unfortunately, CNC shopping isn’t like car shopping. You don’t get to test drive a … Continue reading

DIY Letter Blocks

My good friends having a baby gave me a project idea, custom letter blocks. Super simple idea that I over-complicated by my choice of materials (“upcycling” some 2×4 scraps, instead of buying square dowels). Materials, Consumables, & Hardware: 2×4 scraps, untreated. 1-x- Pine board Acrylic Paint Shellac 1/8″ Ball End Mill

Shapeoko 3 XL Threaded Insert Installation

In my quest to bring to bear the full power of my workshop, I needed to lay down an array of threaded inserts in my Shapeoko XL’s table so I could clamp and fixture projects. I traditionally use 1/4″-20 hardware to secure my workpieces, so I would need holes carved to fit these threaded inserts (E-Z Lok Threaded Insert, Zinc, Hex-Flanged, 1/4″-20 Internal Threads, 13mm Length (Pack of 100)). I designed a 2×2″ counterbored hole pattern, with a total of … Continue reading

DIY Plywood Dust Separator Project (Old)

A vacuum is an essential tool for keeping your shop clean, but when you’re doing work in the shop you’re very often generating large volumes of dust that will quickly overwhelm most consumer-grade vacuums. The solution is to use a “two stage” system that captures the majority of dust and particulates in the intermediate stage. Now there are plenty of off-the-shelf systems that will give you this capability, the most common one being the Oneida Dust Deputy. While this is … Continue reading

Cali/Jersey “Home” Plaques (+Selling Policy)

In my attempts to start moving closer to what might be considered “woodworking” in the conventional sense, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to make these personalized “Home” plaques. Using a very basic inlay and some simple finishing techniques, I was able to make what might be my nicest looking project to date. Now, I’ve already gotten a couple inquiries to make these and in general, I don’t make things to sell. It takes away too much time to restart … Continue reading

DIY Laptop Stand for $5 in Materials

Have a laptop that needs elevation? For those with a CNC, here’s is a super simple project idea for a laptop stand that you can make with a plank of 1x(5+”) wood and two lengths of dowel. Not only is it cheaper than anything you could make on a 3D printer (price/cubic inch), but also lighter and stronger if you pick the right wood. Note: This design is optimized for 15 inch laptops with a depth of 10 inches. The … Continue reading