DIY Camera Slider Plans, v3.3 (Experimental)

Let me state this upfront: There are dozens, if not hundreds of well-documented DIY builds for camera sliders. Why did I choose to re-invent the wheel here? For a couple reasons: 1) I want to use materials available at my destination for rails where possible. This generally means EMT conduit OR PVC. Few other systems give you this flexibility, especially if they use grooved wheels or fixed attachment points. 2) I want to be able to run the platform like … Continue reading

Magnetic Hex Coasters (w/ Project Files)

A simple drink coaster that provides simple entertainment at the table, and can be customized with engraving or laser etching. Carve two halves from provided SVG file and glue together. Center pocket can be milled out for weight reduction, and minimizing the effects of bowed stock material. Mill magnet pockets to depth of 0.5 mm more than 1/2 the diameter of the magnets you are using (they need a little wiggle room). You will need… Wood sheets, 1/4″ or less, … Continue reading

DIY Tyvek Wallet Template

Faced with a disintegrating Slimfold wallet, I had the option to either buy another for $20 or make my own for $2…

Simple Workholding Clamps (w/ Project Files)

These are some basic clamps you can use to hold down flat materials. I usually laminate two 7/32″ plywood pieces together to make a single, stronger clamp. The longer clamp is meant to span two holes 3″ apart, so you could theoretically clamp across a bar, or other thin piece. SVG Files:

Workbench Power Supply Stack/Organizer (w/ Project Files)

This project was a simple one-day build to help organize some of the pieces of CNC-related equipment I had laying around. The Shapeoko 3 comes with its own 24v(?) power supply, and my old DC spindle also included a power supply, in addition to a motor controller. These things were spread out across my CNC table, so I decided to do some vertical integration to save space.

CNC Project File Disclaimer

The files in this section are provided as-is with no support or guarantee of success. You will have to make the appropriate changes yourself if (for example) you are starting with a stock material of a different thickness. All projects are considered free to use under CC BY-NC 4.0. Basically, you’re free to make for non-commercial, personal use. Just throw me some credit via link to this page or my YouTube video.