Machining an Adapter for DJI’s Rosette Mount

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I quite like DJI’s Osmo Gimbal. It was my preferred tool on my #CaliforniaRoadtrip2017 for capturing footage. Not even the worst roads could faze its rock solid stabilization capabilities. But for all its utility, it had one annoying shortcoming. It was incompatible with 99.6% of all camera mounting accessories. You see, DJI uses an unusual […]

DIY Over-the-Shoulder Camera Rig + Camera Bag

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I’ve always thought third-person perspectives were cool, so I decided I’d build one of these to document my last-summer-before-employment shenanigans. It’s inspired by a similar rig by Indy Mogul host Griffin Hammond and it costs about $6 to build. But there’s another twist, in order to make this rig work, I needed a rigid-walled backpack, […]