First Hand Look at the Nomad 883 Pro Desktop CNC by Carbide3D

60 pounds of Prosumer-grade awesome, and Make Magazine award winner.

The majority of people looking to get into digital fabrication tend to consider cost to be a very important factor. The first CNC machine most individuals buy will probably cost less than $2,000. And that’s okay, because there’s plenty of value to be had in the entry-level segment. But what if your budget is more flexible?


Unfortunately, CNC shopping isn’t like car shopping. You don’t get to test drive a CNC. If you’re lucky you’ll get a demo, but most of the time you’re just hoping to avoid buyer’s remorse after giving up your credit card info.

So I consider myself extremely privileged to have been handed the proverbial keys to a Nomad 883 Pro with no strings attached. This machine retails for around $2,600 on the Carbide3D site and is a surgical, pre-built unit that achieves amazing precision and accuracy. And I do not choose my adjectives lightly, the Nomad is an extremely powerful tool to put in the hands of a consumer.


I’m going to refer you to my video if you want to find out more, but TLDR: Accuracy within +/- 0.003″ without breaking a sweat.

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