DIY Over-the-Shoulder Camera Rig + Camera Bag

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I’ve always thought third-person perspectives were cool, so I decided I’d build one of these to document my last-summer-before-employment shenanigans. It’s inspired by a similar rig by Indy Mogul host Griffin Hammond and it costs about $6 to build. But there’s another twist, in order to make this rig work, I needed a rigid-walled backpack, […]

Alaska Revisit

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Device Model/Make: Pentax *ist DL Focal Length: 65mm F number: 11 Shutter: 1/350 s ISO: 200 Taken: June 2008 Going through my photo archives, I discovered a bunch of pictures from my family’s Alaska trip that I never got around to posting. Haven’t done a ‘portfolio’ post in awhile so I figured I’d toss it […]