New Intro to CNC Series, Core Episodes Complete

I’m a big believer in the value of digital fabrication, not only in empowering Makers, but also educating. CNC is a perfect trojan horse for learning fundamentals of material science, physics, and programming. Why CNC is such a niche market compared to 3D printing is beyond me. Well… actually, I have ideas why. Learning to use a CNC can be a daunting process filled with new terms and techniques. But like 3D printing, CNC milling systems are maturing, and the … Continue reading

Machining an Adapter for DJI’s Rosette Mount

I quite like DJI’s Osmo Gimbal. It was my preferred tool on my #CaliforniaRoadtrip2017 for capturing footage. Not even the worst roads could faze its rock solid stabilization capabilities. But for all its utility, it had one annoying shortcoming. It was incompatible with 99.6% of all camera mounting accessories. You see, DJI uses an unusual rosette mount for its accessories, not unlike Arri. The mount, while very secure, is a pain in the ass for anyone not looking to invest … Continue reading

Machine-Leveled Supplementary Wasteboard for the Shapeoko

Your parts are only as accurate as the machine you make them on, and the table is an important part of the Shapeoko’s accuracy. A machine-leveled worksurface is essential for getting cuts of consistent depths, especially with thin materials. This is how I designed a supplementary wasteboard for my Shapeoko that I could affix work pieces to with absolute confidence. 3D Files*: Supplementary Wasteboard for the Shapeoko 3 XL Supplementary Wasteboard for the Shapeoko 3 (Stock) *Note: These files are … Continue reading

Precision Tuning your Shapeoko 3

The numerous degrees of freedom in the Shapeoko that allow you to build it as a kit, are also places where error can be introduced. In this video, I’ll go through the steps I took to restore as much precision as possible to my CNC machine. For those of you looking for the simple spindle squaring tool I made, see below. This is an Inkscape SVG so set your DPI to 90 (file should be approx 4 x 0.75″). If … Continue reading

The Droneship Coaster Chronicles

The following videos are the realization of a silly idea I had a few months back: What if you could land your beverage on a droneship in the style of SpaceX? Though I had no intention of beer delivery by drone, or installing flight control systems in a mug, I decided to bring the droneship part of my idea to life in the form of a wooden drink coaster. In a couple weeks I went from idea to prototype. And … Continue reading

Machining a Mounting Clip for my Subaru Grille w/ Fusion 360 & My Shapeoko

I wanted to mount an STI badge to the front of my Forester. I also wanted to make an introductory Fusion 360 video. This seemed like the perfect opportunity for a crossover so I combined the narratives to make this video, a start to finish overview of the CAD-CAM process in Fusion, and the minor iterating I did through the prototyping phase.